Traveling With Pets: Read This Before Your Next trip

771px-Berner_sennhundRVing is popular amongst animal lovers because it allows them to bring their furry friends along on their vacations without having to confirm that pets are allowed at the hotel or having to pay extra by flying their pets to their destination.

If you choose to RV with your pets there are a few important things you to need to consider before hitting the road.

Ask yourself how calm your pets are. Consider how  well adapted your pets are to change and new environments as well as their obedience level. Are they disciplined and willing to listen to you or do you have to work extra hard to control them? If not bringing your pet with you might not be the best idea. An animal that gets spooked easily can run away, get lost, or get injured, which would make you feel terrible during what is supposed to be an exciting trip.

If you decide your pet is healthy and prepared for an RV vacation it’s time to hit the road, but first get your pet microchipped. Microchipping requires your vet to insert a microchip the size of a grain of rice under your pet’s skin that, when scanned, provides information about the owner. This is particularly important and useful if your pet happens to get lost and is recommended for owners regardless of whether you plan to travel or not. If you do get your pet microchipped, be sure to keep the microchip up to date with your latest contact information. This can easily be done by contacting your vet should you change your phone number or address.

Once your pet is microchipped, you’re ready to hit the road. Be sure to pack more than enough of your pet’s favorite food. If this is their first time on the road they might not eat as much as you would expect. Just encourage them to eat when they can. It’s also equally important to pack any meds they might need, particularly anti-anxiety medications. Some pets can get carsick. If your pet is prone to carsickness it’s important to bring along natural cleaning supplies to clean up quickly. Caging your pet up and making sure they can see the horizon is another way to help ease car sickness as they typically feel relaxed in their own space. There is also a large selection of anti anxiety jackets, that wrap tightly around your pet and allow them to feel comfortable.

If you’ve successfully arrived at the RV park it’s important to make sure your pet is relaxed. Some pets are high strung and tend to whine or bark, thus disrupting the peace of a campground. Make sure your pet is at ease at has their favorite toys so you can enjoy your activities and make sure your neighbors aren’t bothered by incessant barking.

Bringing fido and fluffy along is a great way to make sure the entire family is a part of your vacation. Being prepared is the most important part of having a fun, safe vacation. Don’t miss out on bringing the whole family along on your next vacation. Pack up the RV and hit the road! You’ll love the fun you have and memories made.


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