Tips to Extend Your RV Battery’s Life

Your RV battery is an important part of your RV. Proper upkeep can make or break the quality of your RV battery. In fact, without proper upkeep you might find yourself on a camping trip and up a creek without a paddle because your battery malfunction. To help keep you out of trouble and your battery performing in tip top shape, here are some tips to extend your RV battery’s life. Take note and remember that these could save you from a lot of heartache down the road.

Hint: Deep cycle lead batteries can last 6+ years if they are cared for properly and maintained.

Tip #1: Avoid extended sulfation. This occurs when your battery’s charge drops below 80%. Prevent sulfation by recharging your battery as soon as your realize it needs charging. A 12-volt battery shouldn’t discharge below 12-volts and a 6-volt shouldn’t fall below 6 volts. The reason for this is because when each of these respective batteries are charged they’re actually charged slightly above the stated voltage.

Tip #2: Get a digital volt meter to read your battery’s actual charge. Why guess when you can have an exact answer in seconds? A digital volt meter will help you quickly determine your battery’s charge level and, as a bonus, can also be used on vehicles, go carts or ATVs, boats and more.

Tip #3: When working around lead acid batteries it’s important to keep safety at the top of your list. Work gloves and safety glasses, don’t wear jewelry, and please, please do not smoke!

Tip #4: Unplug charge parasites. These are items that you keep plugged in that leech off of your battery. For example, phone chargers, computers, and even fans. pretty much leaving anything plugged in can drain your battery, so unplug chargers and what not when they are not in use.

Your RV battery is an important part of your RV. It’s kind of like the heart of it. If you have questions about caring for your RV battery contact us or check out our RV parts.

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