Tips For A Successful Winter RV Vacation

mountains with snow
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

It’s finally Winter! The temperatures have dropped significantly and the snow is here. For most of us, that means putting away your RV and calling it a season. But, for a small percentage of RVers who love the cold weather, it’s just the beginning of a new season. You’ve got to be cold-blooded and be dedicated to RVing to take a vacation with your RV during the winter. If you think about it, Winter is a great time to discover a new park or even a new state. We’ve put together a few tips to help make your Winter RVing trip a successful one.

Before you head out for a winter RV trip give our team a call to make sure your RV is prepared

1. Double check your heater

Nothing’s worse than getting to a site and finding out that your heater needs a part replaced. If that happens, you’ll be dependent on the sun to keep you warm, and the sun isn’t up for 24 hours a day. Get your heater checked by our team, who can get you the correct parts and verify that it is work to its potential. You’re gonna need it.

2. Keep plenty of water on hand.

Go to the grocery store and get enough water to last for a few days, simply because you never know when you’ll hit a cold snap and the lines will freeze, in the campsite. A frozen water line means little or no water can get to your faucet, and that’s dangerous. Even if the water lines at your RV park freeze, it’s important to make sure your RV doesn’t freeze. Ensure your RV has a heated and enclosed underbelly.

3. Face your windows towards the sun

By parking your RV perpendicular to the Sun’s arc, you’ll get sunshine coming in your windows most hours of the day. This will certainly help you keep your RV at a manageable temperature. Of course, you will also want to keep your window shades up and avoid parking next to any trees that would limit your RV’s exposure to the sun. In the Summer, the sun is your enemy, in Winter, it’s your best friend.

4. Purchase a small space heater

One of the biggest reasons heaters fail is due to overexertion. If you can get a small space heater to help take the load off of your central heater, then go for it. Keeping your RV toasty warm one of the keys to a successful Winter vacation.

5. Keep an excess of food

Being prepared is number 1 in our book. With Winter storms as unpredictable as they are, you could get snowed in and be RV-bound for days if the weather isn’t kind. Stocking up on food will make life a little more tolerable and definitely give you less to worry about if you encounter heavy snowfall.

As we mentioned earlier, Winter can be a great time to strike out on an adventure, but you definitely have to be prepared for just about any situation that the weather may bring. Drop by our place and we can help you get your RV’s heater back in running order, if it’s not working properly.

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