Things To Look For When Shopping For A Toy Hauler

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Vacation is a chance to get away from the mundane details of our work lives and live a little. If that means driving halfway across the United States, or even halfway across your State, to get to your favorite lake, mountain or national park, then we do it all for the sake of relaxing and creating memories with our families. We take a lot of pride in our RVs and we take good care of them, so they can last for many years to come. For some of us, that means finding an RV that will allow us to take our jet skis to the lake or our ATVs to the trails, so we can not only relax in comfort, but also get that blood pumping. There are so many toy haulers out on the market that it can be overwhelming to choose which one fits your needs perfectly. Here are a few tips to consider when you finally decide to start looking at a new (or used) toy hauler!


Toy haulers are built to handle many different types of toys but you can always find one that suits your preferences more than another. The main issue is finding out the dimensions of the garage, so you can figure out how and where you will transport your motorcycle, ATV or jet ski. Some ATVs are wider than others and may require more room to fit inside the garage area. Motorcycles are slimmer, but you must consider how you will secure it during transport. Are there hooks in the garage to use with straps to make sure your motorcycle stays upright?


Toy haulers are popular among professional ATVers and motorcyclists. That means they require much more space to allow them room to work on their machines. If you are going to be touring around on a constant basis, you want to consider how often you will be using your garage area and how much space you need for tools, parts, and conducting repairs. If you are just a casual off-roader, then you may not need the extra space and can search for a toy hauler that is designed more for comfort than usability.


One of the best features I’ve found in a toy hauler is a front patio. The Keystone Raptor has a front patio that lowers, just like an awning, and allows you to step out of your sliding glass doors and enjoy the breeze. Some other features you should consider are the number of beds. If you are traveling with a group of people, then you will need more sleeping areas to accommodate everyone. There are some toy hauler models out there that have beds and couches that can be lowered to the ground when the storage area is empty. So your RV could go from sleeping just 3-4 to double that in just a few minutes! Always double check the sleeping situation before you purchase a toy hauler.

If you have any questions about toy haulers or want to come see one for yourself, give us a call and we can help you out. In the meantime, take a look at our fifth-wheel toy hauler and travel trailer toy hauler inventory and start getting ideas!

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