Storm Season Is Here!

“Lightning strike jan 2007″ by Fir0002 – Own work. Licensed under GFDL 1.2 via Wikimedia Commons – See File

Storm season is here, and all across the country, people in their RVs are unprepared. Most thunderstorms and tornados occur during spring, which is unfortunate because it’s just getting into RV season. While we never condone RVing when there’s a chance for severe weather, (after all, your RV is a big box that is just waiting to be toppled over) sometimes the unexpected happens and we end up in the middle of a rain shower or thunderstorm. If there’s ever a chance for tornados, we recommend leaving your RV and going to a safe place. Your life is more important than your RV. We’ve heard many stories of people getting caught in RVs during a tornado and you’d be amazed what they can do to your house-on-wheels. It’s not pretty, I can tell you that. Here are a few tips we’ve compiled for you when you get caught in a rain shower or thunderstorm.

Pull your awning in

Your awning is a huge piece of vinyl that will do one of 2 things when the wind gets blowing.

1. You will lose your awning. Falling debris and windy conditions are all you need to damage it beyond repair.

2. It will help your RV tip over. It acts as a sail once the wind catches it, and it’s not pretty.

We don’t want either of them to happen, so be on the safe side and retract it.

Keep a stash of water

It never hurts to keep a 12 pack of bottled water just in case of emergency. After all, you don’t really know how long it will last once the rain starts to come down.

Download a weather app

Our smartphones are wonderful tools to help us be prepared. By downloading a good weather app (we recommend “The Weather Channel”), you can stay ahead of what’s happening around you and if you are in any imminent danger.

Close your windows

The last thing you need is an RV full of water.

Bring everything inside or secure it

Chairs, grills, bikes, and everything else needs to be secured or brought inside so it won’t become a projectile or get damaged.

Don’t hesitate to leave

We cannot stress this enough: DO NOT STAY IN YOUR RV. If the weather is becoming severe, find a building or safe place to stay and ride it out. Again, your life is more important than your RV.

Have you ever been caught in a thunderstorm or tornado when you were out in your RV?


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