Spring Means Vacation Time!

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Spring is the most enjoyable time of year for me. The weather starts to get nicer, it warms up and everyone starts to come out of hibernation from the Winter. No more frigid cold and sitting inside wondering where the sun is. One of my favorite things about Spring is finally getting out of the house and taking a much needed vacation. That first excursion of the year is always the best for me, getting together with family and friends and hitting the road, exploring somewhere new, or even a dependable go-to campsite where I know I’ll have a great time. Of course, not everyone has immediate access to an RV. But, fear not! There are plenty of rental companies out there who will gladly let you take the keys to a Class C Motorhome or travel trailer for a weekend or longer. For those of you here in Virginia, we are one of them! If you don’t have the space to accommodate an RV (or the means), we can certainly help you take the vacation you’ve always wanted. There’s nothing like trekking across the country and staying in some of the most amazing areas that you’d never see from a hotel window. Why choose an RV you ask? Ask no further…

Renting an RV is Cost-Effective

When you plan a vacation and calculate airfare, rental cars, and hotel stays, your costs begin to go up exponentially. Renting an RV eliminates most of those costs because your RV is your hotel & your rental car (or, if you’re hauling a travel trailer, you’re already bringing your own car)! Instead of paying for the car and gasoline, why not just pay for the gas? Of course, you’ll still have to factor in food costs, but you can go to the grocery store and stock your RV before you hit the road. Saving plenty of cash and eating healthier by avoiding eating fast food.

RV and National Parks

Staying in a National Park with access to lakes, hiking trails, beautiful views and plenty of other attractions is a cost-effective way to spend your Spring Break or vacation. Overnight stays with hookups are generally in the range of $20-$60, depending on the park. Compare that with a week of $80-$100 per night stays in a hotel, you’ve saved enough to buy groceries for the entire week!

Enjoy the Beach

When the temperature finally starts to head North, the beach starts to look more and more inviting. When you travel with an RV, you can find an RV park that’s located a hop skip and a jump from the water. What could be better than getting up in the morning, opening the door to your RV and taking a stroll down by the water? Try doing that with a hotel room.

If you’re considering renting an RV for your Spring Break or vacation, come talk to us and you’ll be convinced that’s the way to go. Check out our RV rentals page and see if we have one that will accommodate your needs.


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