Spring Cleaning To Keep your RV In Tip-Top Shape

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Spring is finally here and that means it’s time to take your RV out of hibernation and onto the road. For those of you who have been under a blanket of snow for the past few months, that first sighting of green grass and warmer temperatures, brings a sigh of relief. No more being stuck in your house, wishing you could be out at the lake or a great little RV park you happened to stop by a few years ago, but continue to make a trip to visit. It’s time to get your RV ready for the road and with that comes Spring cleaning! Lets start anew!

Empty That RV

Do you often wonder how your RV got so packed with stuff that you never use? You probably thought it was a good idea to take 3 different sets of grilling tools, but you only really need one! Take stock of everything in your RV and determine if you absolutely have to have it. If you haven’t used it in the last 6 months, take it out (except for emergency items like the first aid kit). There’s no reason to have 4 lake floats when there’s only 2 people taking a trip. Remember that pasta maker you bought on a whim and could never figure out how to use? Get rid of it! The more you get rid of, the more space you will have to store things you will actually use and less clutter.

Change That Water Filter

When’s the last time you replaced the water filter in your RV? Something tells me it’s time. Get rid of those stinky smells from the water source at your campsite. Changing your water filter means better tasting water, better tasting food (if you’re cooking with it) and less minerals and chloride. No one likes drinking water that smells like rotten eggs.

Give It Some TLC

Spend some time in your RV cleaning the counters, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning the windows and the bathroom. You wouldn’t let your house get that dirty, so why would you let your RV? After all, it is your home away from home. Scrub the kitchen sink, clean out the refrigerator (there’s no telling what kind of science experiment is in there), and wash the bed sheets. After a long winter collecting dust, I’m sure your RV could use a good deep-cleaning. Check out our RV cleaners that we have available in our parts store and get to scrubbing!

Double Check Your Maintenance

When’s the last time you checked the air in your tires? A low tire will cause your fuel efficiency to drop and if you’re hauling a couple thousand pounds worth of RV, you need all the help you can get when it comes to fuel efficiency. Check with your RV manufacturer for the optimal tire pressure. Is your RV’s battery ready to be replaced? Do you need a new propane tank? Do you have any lights that have burned out? Now’s the perfect time to find out, before you get out on the road and get pulled over for having a tail-light out.

What do you do for your Spring cleaning ritual? Share with us on Facebook. And be sure to check out our selection of RV parts and accessories to help prepare for the upcoming camping season.

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