Slash Your RV Travel Expenses

RVing is one of America’s most beloved travel methods for several reasons. It provides flexibility. You never have to worry about finding a hotel, dashing through airports to make your flight, or losing luggage during what was supposed to a family vacation. It’s affordable. RV vacations can be up to 40% more affordable than traditional vacations and this includes maintenance and insurance! has a great vacation value generator that allows you to compare how different RV vacations stack up against other vacations. With just a little creativity you can save even more money on your RV vacation.

Saving money during your RV vacation is not only smart, but also a way to afford more vacations in the future or retire and enjoy the RV lifestyle full time!

Travel During The Off Season | During the off season many campgrounds, amusement parks, and attractions offer discounted rates due to low traffic. Their goal is to make any bit of money they can, so take advantage of their low rates and head out to that destination you’ve always wanted to see. An added bonus is you’ll likely encounter less traffic and people.

Pass On Resorts | Resort style campgrounds are a lot of fun and certainly have their place, however, if you’re looking to save money consider staying at local or state campgrounds. These offer all the amenities you need to enjoy your vacation and beautiful scenery without the bells and whistles you find at more luxurious campground. RVing is about the great outdoors, so forget about fancy RV parks and hit the trails at one of the thousands state or national parks.

Extend Your Stay | Many RV parks and campgrounds offer discounts to RVers who stay at their location for an extended period of time. Ask the campground you plan to stay at whether they offer discounts to RVers who stay for more than a few days. If they don’t, ask them if they would consider it. You know what they say, you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

Use Your Kitchen | It might sound obvious, but many RVers don’t take advantage of their RV’s kitchen. Follow simple recipes, use your slow cooker when you’re parked, and create your own frozen meals that you can easily pop in the oven. Nothing beats the taste, healthfulness, and affordability of a home cooked meal, so take advantage of your kitchen and enjoy what it really stands for: health and flexibility.

Perform Your Own Maintenance | This can be a little tricky, but performing your own basic maintenance – like oil changes, fluid checks, and tire care – can not only save you money, but also provides you with the peace of mind of knowing something was done right. Consider connecting with RVers who perform their own maintenance so you can learn from them.

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