Shenandoah Park: An Outdoor Adventure

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

With Fall in full swing, it’s time to get your RV out and on the road. Don’t shutter it away for the rest of the year! By traveling now, with the weather getting cooler and the leaves changing colors, you could save a ton of money on reservations and not have to deal with hordes of travelers that only vacation during the Summer. Located just 75 miles from our Nation’s Capital you’ll find a perfect fall destination. Over 200,000 acres of protected lands await you at Shenandoah Park!

Skyline Drive

In the heart of Shenandoah Park is a 105 mile road that runs the entire length of the park. By traveling along this road, you’ll get to see just about everything the park has to offer, from a distance. We suggest taking this drive when the colors are changing, you’ll be amazed at the miles and miles of browns, yellows, golds and reds you can see from one of the many vantage points on the road.


If you’re as big a fan as I am of waterfalls, then look no further. Granted, it’s no Niagara Falls, but there are numerous waterfalls, through the park and all of them just waiting for you to discover! Some of them right off of Skyline Drive, others, buried deep in the park.


With over 500 miles of hiking trails throughout the park, you’ll have every chance in the world to see some of the most breath-taking views. Some of the trails even end at the edge of a cliff! Perfect for your photo opportunity! One of the most prominent trails, Dark Hollow Falls Trail, takes you on an adventure across creeks with occasional sightings of black bears and rattlesnakes. The Stony Man trail is the perfect place to catch the sunset, as it overlooks a cliff and gives you a view you’d have a hard time ever finding something comparable to.


For the fisherman in your family, they’ll be glad to know that there are over 70 streams within Shenandoah Park that are just waiting for them to cast a line and enjoy the peace and quiet. Of course, there are some major restrictions on the species and the amounts that you can take home. Visit the National Park Service website and be sure you’re in the know!

Wildlife and Birds

Just about anywhere in the park you could come across a white-tailed deer, a black bear, bobcats, raccoons, red foxes, and many other mammals. Of course, you don’t want to get too close! For the bird watchers in your group, over 200 species of bird make their home in the park, with around 35 of them staying year-round. Species such as the endangered barred owl, the Carolina chickadee and the red-tailed hawk are all inhabitants of this great State park.

Visit Shenandoah Park next time you’re in our backyard. We’ve been suggesting it to all of our customers for many years and we’ve never had anyone complain.

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