RV Camping Hacks: 3 Ways to Enhance Your RV Lifestyle

Chesapeake has a passion for camping, and we know a thing or two about living the RVing life to the fullest. If you’re just beginning this journey and desire to join the RVer community, check out our New RVs for sale, or browse through our Used RVs for sale. Whether you’ve been RVing all you’re life or you’re just starting out, these 3 RV camping hacks will help you create the best RV lifestyle that caters to your personal needs and enhances your camping experiences.


RV Camping Hacks Poster


1. Shoe Rack Shower Storage

If you’re looking to create a spacious atmosphere within your RV for family and friends, the shoe rack shower storage compartment is the PERFECT way to do that. Putting up a shoe rack in your shower is a great solution to creating a more organized feel to the bathroom.

Because the bathroom in any recreational vehicle is a pretty tight area, this will allow you to put your shampoo and all of your shower toiletries in an organized fashion against the wall. Not only does this free up space in your shower, but it also keeps all of the bottles and things secure. This is helpful so as not to make a mess if the road gets a bit bumpy when moving from home to a campground and back.


2. Food Container Wastebasket

This is a very interesting hack, and one we think is extremely helpful. If you put a small trash bag inside a food container, it instantly solves the problem of having to find a trashcan that fits between your toilet and the wall (very specific–but for such a small bathroom in every RV, this is a great solution).

In addition to fitting perfectly in your bathroom, this kind of wastebasket really fits in any small area. This allows you to keep it under the sink or beside your bed… wherever you need it to fit!


3. Get Yourself a Hammock

More an RVing tip than a hack, you’ll fall in love with having a hammock! Hammocks have been all the rage for quite some time, and for good reason. Wherever you go, wherever you decide to RV, you will always be able to enjoy outdoor hammocking.

It doesn’t take up much room to travel with, and it’s great to hike with. You’ll love being able to hang it up and take a nap wherever you end up on your camping adventures.

When the RV gets a little stuffy or crowded, hanging in your hammock is a great way to enhance your RVing lifestyle. You’ll find that more and more campers have them hanging around their campsites during the day, as you can still socialize with others but be enjoy the outdoors as well.


The RVing Life Got a Little Bit Better!

We want you as campers to have the best RV experiences with your family, and these 3 RV camping hacks will be helpful in creating a better camping lifestyle. If you have any questions, or if you would like to stop by, please contact us. We love meeting new people–especially camping people!

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