Open Range RV 3X 397FBS Fifth Wheel: Enjoy the Creature Comforts

One of the facts of life with owning an RV and using it on a regular basis is getting used to less space than you’re used to.┬áSure, every RV is different and promotes a new spacious design, loads of storage and a large sleeping capacity, but, in reality, our RVs are a pared down version of our own homes and residences. That’s why we take great pride in finding RV manufacturers that try their hardest to make your new house-on-wheels as much like your home as possible. The designers at Open Range RV have done just that with their line of 3X fifth-wheels. You’ll feel as close to home as you can while you’re a thousand miles away!

Not only is their 397FBS model a 42.5″ beast of a fifth-wheel, with more room to do what you do, it also boasts a full sized bathroom in the front of the model. No more squeezing into the shower, tripping over the toilet or fumbling around while you try to wash your hands. A residential-style 48″ x 30″ shower, 2 sinks, and a mirrored wardrobe are definitely a nice addition to this already stellar fifth-wheel. 3 slide-outs create room for your queen sized bed, and expand your living room area so you can enjoy movie night with the kids or just relax after a long day at the lake. A dining table with 4 chairs, 2 recliners and a full sized sofa await you when you decide to call get everyone together in the same room for some quality family time. No need to save space on the floor with this much sitting room!

All of Open Range’s RVs are built with 3″ thick sidewalls with a thermal barrier and R-38 insulation in the ceiling and floors, so you can keep it warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Save the strain on your air conditioning and heating units! They also include all real plywood construction (no OSB or chip board!), stainless steel appliances, and an arched, vaulted ceiling, for an added bonus in the quality of construction.

For those of us who enjoy spending a few days away from the campsite and out on our own. You’ll be glad to know that 3 massive fresh, black and gray water tanks will give you the option of boondocking it for awhile without having to scurry off to find utilities to refill and dump your water tanks. After all, some of the best lakes out there are just waiting for you to pull up next to them and spend the night. Who doesn’t love waking up and walking outside to a calm lake? I know I do.

You’ll begin to notice a drop in the money you spend on gasoline, simply because this unit is anywhere from 10 – 15% lighter than comparable models. Saving money at the pump is always preferable for me!

Come by our headquarters in Chesapeake, Virginia and take a peek at one in person!

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