Open Range Light: Towable With Your Half Ton Truck!

open range light rv
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It’s no secret, fifth-wheels are a heavy investment. Thousands of pounds of metal, aluminum, wood and furniture being pulled behind you on the highway is usually not the best way to save money on gas. After all, you have to have a gas-guzzling one ton truck with a fifth-wheel hitch installed, just to pull it across town. The engineers and designers at Open Range have made huge steps in reducing the weight of their RVs so much so that they have a line of travel trailers called “Light”! You can pull any of their Light series RVs with a late model 1/2 truck!

The Light series of travel trailers and fifth-wheels gives you plenty of options, when it comes to floor-plans. If you’re looking for something small, with enough room for 2-3 people, the LT216RBS travel trailer would be perfect! It’s got 224 square feet of space after you extend the 42″ deep slide. If you’re looking for a fifth-wheel for just a handful of people, the LF297RLS is a great choice! 3 slides, 282 square feet of space, and a kitchen island are just a few of the standard features of this model!

If you’ve got more than a handful of campers joining you, then you need to take a look at the LT308BHS travel trailer! It’s built to sleep 8, with 357 square feet of space! It’s built with comfort for everyone in mind, with 3 double bunks, a 60×80 bed, 3 massive slides, and amenities that most RV manufacturer wish they would put in their RVs. It also has one of my favorite features, an outside kitchen! There’s nothing like spending the day outside, in front of my grill with everything I need in reach to cook up some delicious hamburger. I think the outdoor kitchen on my RV gets used more than the actual kitchen.

Every Light model is built to withstand the elements, especially during the winter. Open Range insulates their RVs so well, that they’ve tested them in zero degree chambers to make sure that you’ll stay comfortable when you decide to head during the winter. By using R-38 radiant insulation, R-14 batten insulation, double layer luan and foam insulation, they keep the heat inside the RV instead of letting it seep out.

Not only do they pay particular attention to the construction of their RVs, Open Range makes doubly sure to include features to make you want to take your house-on-wheels out more often and stay longer! The mandatory Executive package contains LED overhead lighting, a flat screen TV with CD/DVD player, crown molding, frameless windows, bedroom speaker and lots more.

The best part about it, they manage to do it all while staying 10-15% lighter than most similar sized RVs! That’s a savings in your wallet, as you won’t be spending quite as much on gasoline to get where you want to go. Check out our inventory of Open Range Light travel trailer and fifth wheel RVs and come by to see one in person!

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