Open Range Light – revolutionary sidewall construction!

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are constantly on the look out for the industries very best RVs. We are very excited to offer our customers – Open Range Light! This brand makes travel trailers and half ton tow-able fifth wheels. These campers are very well built using cutting edge materials such as SymaLite, which is a manufactured sidewall substrate that replaces the Luan found in traditional sidewall construction.

Here is a simple breakdown of improvements offered by using Symalite!
– Man-Made Composite Technology -it’s the same every time
– 125% More Puncture Proof
– Additional Insulator
– Noise Reduction
– Moisture, Mold, & Swell Resistant- prevents de-lamination

– Lightweight – high strength to weigth ratio
– Provides the Best Possible Bond with Fiberglass

Come check these impressive campers today and ask about the 2-year warranty on the Open Range Light!

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