Mesa Ridge Fifth Wheels: Get Serious About RVing

mesa ridge fifth wheel
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Fifth wheels aren’t child’s play. For anyone who owns one, they know. You’ve got to be serious about RVing when you make the decision to purchase a fifth wheel. After all, you’re buying a monster of an RV and you’ve got to have a vehicle that can pull it across the country. Plus, you want only the best quality you can find, so your investment can last for many years to come and gives you memories that last even longer than that. Open Range RV manufactures some of the best fifth wheels out on the market today and we’re proud to be a distributor for their Mesa Ridge line. Here are a few of the reasons we like them.

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Spacious Design

With 11 floor-plans to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding one that you love. With up to 5 slide-outs and a conscientious design for space, you’ll have a hard time believing you’re in a fifth wheel RV instead of a house. Open floor space and smart designs make these fifth wheels feel bigger than they actually are. The square footage on the Mesa Ridge range from 314 square feet all the way up to 428 square feet. I don’t think my first apartment after college was 314 square feet!

Weather Resistant

If you are a year round RVer, then you don’t let the harsh winters or soul-crushing summers stop you from taking a weekend (or longer!) to spend out on the lake or your favorite campsite. In order to make that happen, and not be miserable, your RV needs to be ready to combat the temperatures outside. With a 35K BTU heater, you’ll be toasty warm in no time when that cold front comes through and most RVers head home to avoid getting frostbite. Most of the models have an option for a fireplace so you can enjoy a night in by the fire after a long day outdoors. For those hot summers, your air conditioner will keep your at a comfortable coolness. All Mesa Ridge fifth-wheels come with a 12.5K air conditioner unit, with the option of a second unit for those of use who like to live dangerously and vacation in the desert or the South during the Summer. Of course, the R-9 insulation in the sidewalls and the R-38 insulation in the roof and floor will keep your heater and air conditioning unit from working double time.

Great Optional Features

If you’re traveling with kids, you know all too well that it’s hard to keep them occupied when it’s time to wind down. With an additional 24″ TV you can watch your show on your TV and let them watch whatever they want on theirs! You’ve also got the option to install a back-up camera that allows you to see what’s behind you when you’re maneuvering into your campsite. These come in handy to help you avoid backing into a pole, tree, or even worse, someone else’s RV. If you love grilling out just as much as I do, then you’ll take full advantage of the BBQ grill that you can add on. There’s nothing like a well cooked steak, just how you like it. Just because you’re out on vacation with no steakhouses around, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a perfect steak.

Take a look at our inventory of Mesa Ridge fifth wheels and come take a look at one in person!

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