Life Is Easier With A Crock Pot On Board Your RV

Cooking in an RV doesn’t have to be an all out get your pots, pans, and fifty ingredients ready to make a meal experience. In fact you can make a great meal using a small 4 quart crock pot that will feed anywhere from 2-4 people and leave enough for leftovers. The crock pot is a practical, time saving solution that allows you to serve healthy, delicious meals, while managing to save you on propane. From delicious chilis to one pot pasta to tender meats you will love the flexibility offered by the crock pot. Learning to cook with alternative methods like the crock pot, electric skillet, or indoor grill can save you a lot of money on your propane costs, something that most RVers say is one of their top RV expenses.

When using a crock pot it’s important to be nearby while the meal cooks. Like anything that emits heat these can be a fire hazard. A simple way to keep an eye on your meals is to cook them the night before, so you are in the RV and can address any issues that come up. This is highly unlikely as long as you put your crock pot on a stable, safe surface and a rare occurrence, but it’s important to practice safety.

While some advocate using your crock pot while your unit is in motion, this is generally not advisable as you’d either have to run your generator to power it (this is not energy efficient) or use a power inverter that is located near your sink/kitchen. Regardless of whether it can be done or not you take a big risk by even trying to run your crock pot while driving, because it can easily be jerked around and ruin the inside of your RV or hurt you (if you’re in a motorhome).

The video below shows just how easy it is to create a healthy meal for your family using a crockpot. Check it out and share with us any easy crockpot recipes you enjoy making while RVing.



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