KZ Spree Travel Trailer Review: Lightweight and Comfortable

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RVs are not small. We all know that, and we’ve come to terms with it. We pull them using one-ton trucks, and park them in our driveways, taking up most of the space that we could be using. But, we have a love affair with our house on wheels. That doesn’t mean it has to weigh so much that our trucks lose miles per gallon at an exponential rate. Advances in construction and materials has allowed RV manufacturers to decrease the weight of their models, so that when you’re pulling a new Spree, you may forget that you even have it behind you! Read our review of the¬†KZ Spree¬†travel trailer to learn more about what this RV has to offer you.

exterior of kz spree

Lightweight Design

Every one of the Spree’s floorplans is built with the idea of being a lightweight and enjoyable RV. By utilizing a fully aluminum frame, an aerodynamic fiberglass front cap, and fiberglass sidewalls, you can haul it further than you ever have while using less gasoline to get there! No more watching your wallet to make sure you’ve got enough to get where you need to go. It may be time to get rid of your heavier RV!

Camping Comfortably

The KZ Spree is built for comfort. You can kick back after a long day of fishing and relax, maybe even end up taking a nap in one of the optional recliners or deluxe sleeper sofas. You’ll be able to wash the sweat and dirt off from a day of fun in their residential style showers then head to bed for a good night’s sleep in your innerspring mattress. No more uncomfortably tossing and turning all night. Get that rest and relaxation you deserve!

Fantastic Features

If you need a little more convincing that the Spree is right for you, then take into account the optional features that come with the LX Package!

  • 15″ Aluminum Wheels
  • Equa-Flex Suspension
  • Katching ZZs Mattress Upgrade
  • Lighted Power Awing
  • Porcelain Toilet
  • Spare Tire/Carrier/Cover
  • LED TV (29″ or 32″)

You really can’t go wrong with this package! A mattress upgrade to help you catch your Zs while you’re out in the wilderness. A lighted power awning so you can entertain guests and enjoy the night outside. A spare tire, just in case you encounter a flat in your travels. Plus, an LED TV to make sure you catch the game and don’t miss your shows. Just because you’re out of town, doesn’t mean you have to miss the big game!

Industry Leading Warranty

All of KZ’s Spree RVs are backed by an industry-leading 2 year limited warranty and 1 year of roadside assistance. So the next time you head out to your favorite camping spot, you can sleep well, knowing that if you ever encounter any problems, you’ll have someone to call and get help from. Try finding that with any other manufacturer out there!

When you’re ready to take a look at a KZ Spree, let us know and we’ll show you one in person! Check out our Spree inventory online, if we don’t have one you’re looking for, we can get one for you.

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