KZ RV: A Complete RV Manufacturer From Top To Bottom

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Purchasing a well-built, quality RV as your new vacation toy will save you more money in the long run than you imagine. If you happen to make the investment into an RV that was built using sub-par materials, cheap appliances or shoddy craftsmanship, then you’re now the proud owner of a money pit. Here at Chesapeake RV, we only deal with RV manufacturers that take pride in their craft. Companies that stand behind their product 100% and are dedicated to producing the highest quality RV that money can buy. That one of the many reasons we are a dealer for KZ Recreational Vehicles. Not only are they solid, well-built machines, but they are also packed with the features that RV owners know and love.

Travel Trailers

If you love having plenty of options and floorplans to choose from, then you should take a look at the travel trailers that KZ offer. They manufacture an astounding 81 floorplans that range from 15’10” up to 36’6″. You can choose simplicity with the Sportsmen Classic series, with simple designs and standard features that are essential within a small package, or you can go all out with the spacious and luxurious Spree, with warm wood tones and designer interiors.

Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

If you pride yourself on your ability to take your toys with you wherever you go, KZ has the solution for you. Purchasing a travel trailer with the capacity to haul your motorcycle, ATV or jet-skis with you should be the only thing on your mind when you set out to purchase a new one. With 11 floorplans to choose from, you’ll likely find exactly what you’re looking for. You can stick with the camping essentials with the Sportsmen Classic C, 17′ of everything you need, plus a 7’7″ cargo area, or you can tip the scales with the MXT with enough options to make your head spin, plus a generous cargo area with plenty of room for your toys and storage for just about anything you want to bring with you.

Fifth Wheels

If you’ve got a group of people who you like to camp with, you need to look into a fifth-wheel RV. KZ manufacturers 6 different models with 31 different floorplans. All of them will give you plenty of room to handle all the kids and family members that you want to bring along with you. With the addition of multiple slide-out, your new KZ fifth-wheel will give you more room and help you feel more comfortable while you’re out on the road for just a weekend, or an extended vacation.

We’re a proud KZ dealer and we’re committed to helping you find the perfect RV. Check our availability of KZ RVs online and make it a point to come by and see them for yourself!

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