Keystone Raptor Toy Haulers: Live Like A King

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Having the ability to bring your toys with you whenever you travel across the state (or across the country!) is a luxury. After all, that’s why we RV. We love to experience different locales and partake in all of the activities that they have to offer. Four-wheelers, jet-skis, motorcycles, and just about any other fun-inspired vehicle adds a certain sense of adventure to your trips. Whether it’s taking the four-wheeler out on the dunes in the desert, seeing what your jet-skis can do on the lake, or taking your motorcycle out on a lonely stretch of highway to clear your head, it’s all a bonus when you’ve gathered up your friends and family for a long weekend or a week’s vacation. What’s an even bigger bonus, is taking that trip in a Keystone Raptor toy hauler. You’ll be so comfortable in your RV, that you may never want to go home again!

Sleep Like a King

The Raptor was built with you in mind and everyone loves a good night’s sleep. In seven of their floorplans, a king sized bed comes standard. After a long day out on the lake, coming home to a comfortable bed is of the utmost importance. A good night’s sleep means you can get up in the morning and do it all over again! If you’re like me and you enjoy watching TV in bed, then you’ll be glad to know that there’s a 32″ flatscreen TV to help you doze off into dreamland. Couple that with a larger walk-around area and massive amounts of drawer and hanging closet storage and you’ve got a comfy sleeping area that’s uncluttered and ready to help you get to sleep without having to count sheep.

Keeping Everyone Entertained

When traveling with multiple people (especially kids), it can be hard to keep everyone happy. At the end of the day after everyone’s been fed and you’re trying to wind down, you can rely on the industry exclusive entertainment center in you new Raptor. A Samsung 46″ 1080P LED HDTV, Bluetooth sound bar and powered subwoofer, and Blu-Ray player are a great way to pop in a movie and keep everyone’s attention. If you’re traveling with just adults, then it’s a great way to catch the game and cheer on your team. After you set your eyes on the high quality picture and hear the fantastic sounds coming out of it, you may end up watching games in it even when you’re home!

King-Sized Options

If you’re planning on traveling in South during the Summer, you may want to consider add an optional 2nd 13,500 BTU air conditioner to keep cool. Maybe you’re one to spend as much time outside as possible and you get the exterior camp kitchen so you can cook your breakfast, lunch and dinner all outdoors. With any of the options you choose, rest assured, you’ll be living like a king.

If you are looking for a great deal on a Keystone Raptor toy hauler, we have the prices you are looking for. We’re committed to providing the best prices onĀ Keystone RVs. If you have any questions or you need help finding a Raptor floorplan, pleaseĀ contact us.


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