How to Take Incredible Fall Pictures

autumn leaves

The beautiful fall season is in full swing and that means that you’re probably taking some of the last RV trips of the year, at least until next spring rolls around. Around this time of year you probably notice grayer skies, clouds hanging around for days and gorgeous foliage. Capturing the brilliance and colors that you see isn’t easy, especially when you think about how poor the lighting can be. We put together these tips to help you take better fall pictures, so you can capture what you’re seeing and share with friends.

Lighting is one of the key components of a great picture. If you can get out in the early more or evening on an overcast day, you’ll actually have the perfect sidelighting to take stunning pictures. Since autumn colors are saturated, you’ll find they contrast nicely with the gray sky. So, on the next overcast day head out with your camera and see what a difference the lighting makes.

Support is another important aspect of photography. Get a good quality, sturdy tripod with a head that rotates in several directions and you’ll be able to get great shots and a variety of angles.

Consider shooting near water to capture the vibrance of fall. The gorgeous colored leaves reflecting on the water can make for a picture that is truly frame worthy. Add to that the contrasting sky and you’ve got a winning picture!

Don’t dismiss the power of fog and mist. Sure, they’re not the most comfortable conditions to shoot in, but you can be sure that they’ll add a certain mood to the shot that you’d never be able to recreate with photo editing software.

One last thing to think about when you’re shooting fall scenery. Consider close ups. Leaves, fungi and ever wood offer some really interesting textures when you zoom in and often make for attractive¬†wall hangings.

Photo Credit: By Guido Gerding [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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