How to Plan a Last Minute RV Trip


OK, so you just realized you need a vacation. Work is hectic and the family has spring fever. The RV was just de-winterized, which means you’re ready to hit the road! Planning a last minute RV vacation isn’t easy, however, with the right knowledge it is completely possible.


Whether you find a campsite during your last minute trip depends a lot on where you decide to go. If you’re heading to a National Park you’ll want to call ahead to see if campsites are available. If they aren’t, it’s important to check for campsites that might be further out. You could boondock, but that isn’t as much fun as having all the hookups available.


When you choose to vacation is incredibly important. If you’re choosing to vacation on a holiday weekend, you’ll be hard pressed to find an open campground.


Choose activities that don’t require advance notice or planning. Things like renting a boat or jet skis are fun, but a lot of times those activities are sold out. Opt for more low key options like shore fishing, hiking or trying local cuisine and you’ll have a great time while saving money.


Perhaps the easiest way to save money on a last minute trip is to do groceries ahead of time. Don’t wait until you reach your destination to load up, unless you’re simply hitting a local farmer’s market. Buying at your local grocery store ensures you don’t get charged tourist prices when you hit your destination.


Since your trip is last minute, once you make a plan you need to stick with it. This means that if you find a campsite or activity slot that’s open, reserve your spot and don’t look back. These things might be snatched up as soon as you hang up the phone.


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