Heartland Landmark: Invest In Quality

Photo Courtesy of HeartlandRVs.com

Quality is a big deal. We look for the highest quality when we’re searching for appliances, cars, houses, even the smallest things like eating utensils. We search for the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. When it comes to our RVs, we value quality even more. After all, if we’re going to invest a good amount of money towards a house on wheels, it had better last for many, many years and provide countless hours of vacation time. That’s why we love Heartland RVs. They have made a commitment to manufacturing the highest quality RVs out on the market. The Landmark series is one to consider when you’ve made the choice to invest in a luxury fifth wheel.

living room heartland landmark

Spacious Floorplans

For every floorplan in the Landmark series, you’ll get 3 or 4 slide-outs that make your RV feel like a home. There’s more space in here than every apartment I had in college! No more tripping over chairs and stepping around furniture, you’ll have enough space to entertain a few friends and still not feel like you’re sitting on top of each other. With their 36″ – 40″ trailer length, they’ve done a marvelous job of making it feel like a well-designed RV with space in mind.

Storage Everywhere

Not only did they design the Landmark with space in mind, you’ll never run out of storage space. There’s over 145 cubic feet of underbelly storage, so if you think you need it, bring it. It’ll fit somewhere. Inside the RV, they don’t let any space go to waste. Check your seats, the couch, and the steps! Each of them have been designed with hidden storage space! you’ll never get the feeling that you brought “too much”.

A Bedroom Fit For A King

The Landmark series boasts the largest bedroom suites of its kind. Enough space for a king size bed and plenty of room to walk around. By utilizing slide-outs, Heartland has made the most comfortable bedroom suites on the market. Enough closet space to organize just about anything you can put in there. You can even put a stackable washer and dryer and still have enough room to walk around.

Super Sized Tanks

It’s a fact, the more water we’re allowed to carry with us, the longer we can stay away. The Landmark series carries a standard Fresh water tank of 92 gallons, a gray water tank of 90 gallons and a black water tank of 45 gallons. That’s enough to last awhile and let you worry less about getting back to civilization to dump your tanks. Along with the humongous tanks, there’s also 12 gallon hot water tank, so you can enjoy a hot shower after a long day of fishing.

All-Weather Dependability

The Landmark series has been thoroughly tested in zero degree temperatures, as well as 100 degree temperatures to test its ability to stay warm during the harsh winters up north and the steamy summers in the south. If you love traveling year-round, this is the RV for you.

When you’re ready to make an investment in quality, come by and take a look at a Heartland Landmark for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

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