Find Out Why The Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge Fifth-Wheel is Perfect Everywhere

Have you ever wanted to take a long term vacation? With a Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge Fifth-Wheel, you can travel for extended periods of time and see all of the places you have ever wanted and always be prepared. Whether you want to see snow capped mountains or feel the ocean breeze on your face, the Mesa Ridge will be prepared to give you the best vacation possible.

Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge 5W
Check out our Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge Fifth-Wheels!

One of the most important things to keeping any camper looking and working great is the exterior construction. Since this is the portion that will be exposed to the elements, you will want to have proper protection, and the Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge has many features that make it perfect in any location.

Here are just a few of the exterior standards you can expect to get with the Mesa Ridge Fifth-Wheel:

  • LCIĀ® Equa-Flex Suspension: The suspension built into this amazing vehicle will help decrease the bumpiness of any road on which you may find yourself. This will not only make the ride smoother but will also prevent damage done when driving on rough roads.
  • Slide-Out Awning Covers: This model of fifth-wheel can come with up to five slide-outs, and each of them will have an awning equipped to them. These awnings will be perfect for keeping the tops of the slide-out clean of debris as well as protecting these areas from rain and other precipitation you may encounter.
  • Extreme Arctic Layer: If you plan on staying, or live, in a place with a colder climate, then you will be happy to know that the Mesa Ridge can have a layer of reflective foil under the water tanks to protect these areas and prevent freezing.
  • Quick Cool Air Conditioners: In hotter areas, you will want an air conditioner that will cool down quickly and keep you comfortable. This is the exactly what the air conditioners in the Highland Ridge Fifth-Wheel will do. No matter how hot the outside is, you will have a cool, comfortable place to relax.
  • Outdoor Barbeque: For a little fun during your travels, the outdoor barbeque will give you a place to cook your favorite outdoor foods without having to bring an entirely separate piece of equipment. After all, barbeque is good no matter where you are.
Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge 5W Outdoor BBQ
The outdoor barbeque will make cooking outside a breeze.

The outside is not where the fantastic benefits stop with the Mesa Ridge Fifth-Wheel. In the interior, you will find a spacious living space with comfortable furnishing and anything you could possibly need on your travels.

Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge 5W Interior
Beautiful decor and a large living space will keep your comfortable no matter where you go.

If you are ready to start vacationing the right way, contact us or just stop on by to see which of our campers will fit your dreams. Then, head out on the open road and enjoy the beauty all around you.

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