2014 Fall RVing Tips

autumn on the river
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Fall is finally here and the leaves are changing colors at a rapid pace! It’s time to get out there and visit a National Park or campsite that you’ve had on your bucket list, just to see the fall colors. Here are a few great tips to have a successful fall RV vacation.

1. Pack for winter and summer

Fall is a tricky season, being that you can never tell just how warm or cool it’s going to get. The best way to combat the feeling of wanting to stay indoors because you didn’t pack the proper clothes is to pack for both. Long shirts, sweaters, pants, hoodies and jackets should protect you from the chilly days while shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops will help you enjoy the warmer days. There’s not an exact science to gauging your comfort level when it comes to outdoor activities, so the best thing to do is prepare.

2. Haul some firewood

Be proactive and bring a few bundles of firewood with you when you hit up a campsite. Most campgrounds forbid you from foraging for firewood, so that just means you need to bring your own. When fall finally takes hold, the nights will be chilly and brisk. Perfect for a night time fire so you and your friends and family can enjoy the outdoors without freezing.

3. Check your heating and air conditioning units

Again, you never know just what the temperature will be from day to day. One day can be chilly, then next can be warm. That means you’ve got to make sure both your heater and air conditioner are in tip-top shape and have the ability to be turned on in the blink of an eye.

4. Bring your camera

With the changing colors, there’s definitely a lot of camera-ready shots that need to be taken. Just about anywhere you visit during the Fall, you’ll see a definite change in the foliage. Get that camera out and shoot away!

5. Check your insulation and roof.

If you’ve got damage to your roof or your sidewalls, you’re hampering your ability to keep your RV cool or warm. Before you set out on your fall vacation, give your RV a once-over to double check that any cracks or dings are not letting the inside air seep out. That could be a costly mistake and cause your heating and air conditioning units to overwork.

6. Check Out Our Top 5 Fall Foliage Destinations

A few weeks ago we posted a blog titled: “Top 5 Fall Foliage Destinations For RVers“. Be sure to read it over and let us know what you think of them. Now is the best time of year to get out there and pull your travel trailer or fifth wheel. Generally during the fall season, the campgrounds are less crowded, some even give discounts, and there’s plenty of sights to see. Don’t put your RV away for the season just yet!

These are just a few tips to help you get ready for your Fall vacation. Tell us some of your favorite places to visit during the Fall on Facebook.

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