Essential Winter RVing Accessories

Photo Courtesy of WIkimedia Commons

RVing in the colder months may sound like a bad idea. Freezing temperatures, snow, and treacherous roads can make for a nightmare vacation. But fear not, with proper planning you can take advantage of less traffic and less-crowded campsites all across the nation. While most RVers have packed up and parked their homes-on-wheels until the temperatures pick back up, there are a small group of die-hard vacationers who will brave the cold weather in search of a long weekend or extended vacation. In order to make this a reality, you have to make sure you’ve got the right accessories to make your life easier. Here are a few suggestions we have on braving the cold.

Fire Pit

On a night where the chilly air would most likely keep you indoors, a good fire pit will get you back outdoors and enjoying the night sky! There are quite a few fire pits out on the market that can be easily transported in your RV or in the bed of your tow vehicle. Not only will it keep you warm on a cold night, they also make for a fun way to make s’mores and hot dogs! Look into purchasing a quality product that has been tested and always watch your children around it.

Portable Heater

On those cold nights, your heater will be straining to keep your RV warm and cozy. A small space heater will help reduce that strain and keep you and your family warm. Visit our parts and accessories store for a good selection of portable heaters made specifically for RVers! Just remember to turn it off AND unplug it when you aren’t around.

Electric Blanket

No one likes sleeping in a cold room, so the best way to combat that is a warm blanket. Keeping you warm at night will help ensure a restful sleep so you can be ready to hit the slopes the next morning. Most electric blankets don’t require too much of a drain on your electricity so you can rest easy.

Board Games & Movies

Cold temperatures will drive the kids inside once the sun goes down and what better way to keep them busy than to have a game night? Pack up those board games and stash them in your storage so when the kids (or adults!) are restless, you can spend some quality time with them. The same goes for movies. Having a movie night with popcorn and family is always a good time.

These are just a few suggestions we have for making your Winter RV vacation a little more tolerable for everyone in your party.


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