Decorating Your RV For the Holidays

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Are you planning on being at a campsite for the holidays this year?

Like many other RVers, this time of year allows you to enjoy less crowded national parks and campsites. But, have no fear, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your holiday decorations behind, stuck in a box somewhere in your attic. Bring them along and decorate your RV!

String Lights

Everyone loves driving around during the holidays and looking at the expansive decorations that homeowners put on their houses. Just because you’re away from home, doesn’t mean you have to leave the joy of putting lights up at home. Putting lights up is one of my favorite things about the holidays, and nothing will stop me from putting them on my RV. Your RV has a perfect edge to install string lights to give it an eye-catching glow. Putting them all along the roof edge, the sidewalls, along the awning, even draping them off the roof in an icicle formation are all possibilities. It’s time to get creative and see what those lights can really do!

Christmas Trees

We get it. Your RV is smaller than your home, which leaves little space to put up a full-sized tree. Have no fear, this is the very reason that there are smaller trees out there. Surely you can find enough space to put a 2-3 foot tree up, even if it’s just for a few days. After all, where else are the presents going to be gathered?


When I was younger, we always had a Christmas wreath that we made right after Thanksgiving. By making it a family tradition, you can always have a new one to put on the entry door of your RV. You could even go a little bigger and create a 3-4 foot wide wreath to put on the front of your RV so anyone who drives past it knows just how much holiday spirit you have.

Outdoor Decorations

Some of my favorite decorations are the ones that don’t require them to be attached to a house. I’m talking about the freestanding ones that sit out in the yard. They’ve come a long way within the last few years and you can find just about any Christmas themed decoration that moves, has music and lights to put in the yard outside of your RV. Reindeer, Santa, elves and plenty of other great designs are available and are generally pretty reasonably priced.

Visit any general merchandise store (Wal-Mart, Target, etc) and take a stroll through the holiday decorations aisles. You’ll be sure to get plenty of ideas that you can bring along with you without taking up too much of the precious cargo space in your RV.

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