Coachmen Apex Nano Travel Trailer Review: Full Size Fun, Lightweight Towing

Looking for innovation, convenience, and quality all wrapped in one insanely affordable package? We’ll show you in our Coachmen Apex Nano Travel Trailer review how this travel trailer promises to be the answer to your RVing needs, meeting all of your demands and then some.

exterior of coachmen apex nano travel trailer

Lightweight, Eco Friendly Design

Some models of the Apex Nano travel trailer are so lightweight you can tow them with a mini van! These travel trailers were designed with adventurous families like yours in mind. When it came to thinking about what most families want in a travel trailer, Coachmen landed on a few key points, weight being one of the top factors.

Using Azdel Composite panels to construct the Apex Nano made the units up to 50% lighter than wood constructed units, as several other construction benefits:

  • 3x more insulation than wood
  • Impervious to moisture – No wood rot!
  • Impressive sound absorbency – Get a great night’s rest by blocking out those evening campground sounds.
  • No harmful toxins – Azdel Composite panels are free of formaldehyde and completely odorless
  • Resistant to impact and punctures – A stronger RV sidewall to resist expensive damage

Storage for Those Who Don’t Travel Light

Every family has that one person who tends to over pack. The term “travel light” is a four letter word to them. No matter how much you try to convince them that they won’t need five pairs of shoes for a weekend hiking trip, they insist on bringing them along.

With the Apex Nano travel trailer you won’t have to worry about fighting that battle. Cavernous pass thru storage at the front of every unit affords you plenty of space to store your camping chairs, corn hole game, and anything else needed to make your camping trip one for the scrapbooks.

But the storage doesn’t stop there. Inside of each Coachmen Apex Nano Travel Trailer floorplan you’ll find:

  • Large cabinets in the kitchen, as well as the bathroom
  • A double room refrigerator. Hit the grocery store in one stop. No more worrying about where you’ll store tomorrow’s dinner.
  • A layout that works for your needs

Spacious Interior

kitchen of coachmen apex nano

From the moment you enter the Apex Nano you’ll feel like you’re right at home. You know how some RVs can feel cramped and bring out the claustrophobia in even the most relaxed person? Not so in the Nano. This RV features a crowned roof and ceiling, which provides more headroom.

Another perk: The Schwintek slide room system. Get set up at the campground and expand your living space, then when you’re ready to head home pack it up and tow your lightweight, compact units right on back home.

All of this sound too good to be true? Contact us to learn more or view our inventory of Apex Nanos for sale and available today!



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