Check Out all of the KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailer Models!

One of the greatest things about the KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailer is the many different options available, because this allows you to look at each model and truly pick the one that fits your needs the best. Each travel trailer come in different sizes and shapes, and by doing the proper research, you will ensure you get the features that will make your RVing trips better.

KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailer
Check out the many models of the KZ Sportsmen Classic!

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want hardside camper, an expandable, or a toy hauler for your KZ Sportsmen Classic. Each model will have features that will fulfill your travel needs, and here is some of what you can expect from each:

  • Hardside: The most traditional type of Sportsmen Classic is the hardside travel trailer, and with it, you have the choice of getting slideouts to make the interior more spacious. Plus, having a complete hardside RV will provide more protection from weather and will be easier to regulate the inside temperature to help make you more comfortable.
  • Expandable: With the expandable option, the RV will be smaller in size while driving and will be easier to tow. Then when you reach your destination, the expanded sides offer more interior space to be taken up by the kitchen and bathroom areas, because the large, comfortable places to sleep are in the expandable portion.

    KZ Sportsmen Classic Expandable
    The expandable feature creates an open living space.
  • Toy Hauler: The main thing about toy haulers that people enjoy is the ability to easily bring along outside vehicles such as ATVs or golf carts. The addition of the garage in the rear make loading and unloading this equipment simple as well as gives them a safe place to be while traveling to your destination.

No matter which KZ travel trailer you decide to get, they are all going to have incredible interior features like full kitchens, three piece bathrooms, and more sleeping and storage space than you will know what to do with. Even with all of these amenities, the Sportsmen Classic is still in the Ultra Lightweight class to make towing easier without skipping any of the features you want.

KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailer Interior
Every model comes with modern decor and amenities.

If you are ready to pick out the travel trailer that fits your needs the best, you can contact us or come to our location. We would love to share all of the amazing features with you, and send you home in the RV that will make your vacations more enjoyable.

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