Bighorn Traveler 5th Wheel Review: 3 Reasons To Buy

If you have a family (or a close group of friends you can spend extended amount of time with) a fifth wheel can be a great choice for your next camper.  There are so many to choose from in the market today, how do you decide?  Now is the time to consider a Bighorn Traveler 5th Wheel for sale.  These RVs have the size, convenience, and comfort you are looking for in your home away from home.  Here are 3 great reasons to buy a Bighorn Traveler 5th Wheel.

Bighorn 5th Wheel Chesapeake
Come explore the grandness of the Bighorn 5th Wheel!

Reason #1 – Two Of Everything

Two of EVERYTHING?!?!  Yes!  Two bathrooms, two kitchens, two bedrooms and even two entry/exit doors.  How is this possible?  Well, full disclosure, one kitchen is conveniently located outside and will take your grilled meals and outside eating to a whole new level.  Two entry doors mean no more congestion when the dinner bell rings!  Two bedrooms – one for Mom and Dad and a separate fun bunk house for the kids.  And the best pair of the list?  TWO BATHROOMS.  Have you ever heard of such luxury in an RV?

Interior of Bighorn Chesapeake
Bighorn interior has great space for spending time together.

Reason #2 – Space

Space is important when you are taking your life on the road.  The Bighorn Traveler 5th Wheel has plenty of both types of spaces:  living and storage.  There are two storage areas accessed from the outside.  Five slides lend to plenty of space to spread out and enjoy one anothers company.  And don’t forget about all of the cabinet space throughtout the camper that will hold anything and everything you could possibly need!

Storage Bighorn Chesapeake
Just one example of the ample storage in the Bighorn 5th Wheel.


Reason #3 – Kid Friendly

Although these features have been previously mentioned, it’s nice to point out which ammenities would be great for the kids.  Two entries make it easy for a family to get in and out and one goes straight to the bathroom for when dirt is a factor.  A separate bunkhouse allows the kids their own space to hang out and (hopefully) contain their mess.   There is even an entertainment area for their own tv!   And let’s not forget about the bathroom located right next to the bunkhouse.  What a great kid area in this camper!

Bighorn Bunkhouse Chesapeake
The bunkhouse has entertaining, storage and beds!

They say seeing is believing and that is the case with the Bighorn Traveler 5th Wheel for sale.  Come on over to Chesapeake RV Solutions and let our friendly and informed staff help you pick the floorplan that is best for you.  Contact us today if you have any questions about our great campers!

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