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About Chesapeake RV Solutions

About Chesapeake RV

Tim Loen, a retired Navy SEAL, and his wife of 30 years, Jacqueline, make camping trips a regular part of their yearly routine. In their early camping days, they tent camped. But as their three children came along, everything changed. They found themselves moving from a pop-up camper, to a travel trailer, a motor home, and finally to a fifth wheel toy hauler... their new favorite camper.

"Our family vacations have always centered upon camping," Jacqueline recalls, "We just love it." They found that they really liked the whole camping culture and had actually met so many nice people while camping that they couldn't imagine a better way to spend their time than by sharing their passion of RVing with others. When they began to make a long term plan for their future after retiring from the Navy their goal was clear- "We would one day own our own RV business."

Tim and Jacqueline opened Chesapeake RV Solutions in May of 2003. They have since continued to grow the business. Now their daughter Candace, who graduated from Old Dominion University, is working full time in the family business. They truly enjoy helping families make lasting memories similar to the ones they themselves have made camping with their family growing up.